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The internal structure of touch switches
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Light touch button switch is a kind of electronic switch, quietly in the use click it can make the switch, switch button when loosen the hand switch is disconnected, its internal structure is completed by metal shrapnel force springing on and off.
Micro switch for small volume light weight has been widely used in household appliances, such as: color TV buttons, DVD button, computer mouse and so on.
But the micro switch has its lack of local, frequent press will make the metal shrapnel exhaustion loses elasticity and failure. So now most of the electric button using conductive rubber to replace, for example, computer keyboard, remote control, etc.
Can also be used to control light and fan and other small household appliances power.
Electronic switch active disconnect after mains power failure Call again on themselves (need to press the control button talents through), can prevent the electric consumption for electric power for a long time or cause an accident.
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