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Shenzhen shou han technology co., LTD
Contact:Mr Luo
Address:shenzhen baoan district 42 area built Thai business center, room 902
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  Shenzhen shouhang technology co., ltd.is production base is located in yueqing city, zhejiang province, is a professional committed to the research and development production of switches, sockets and other electronic components. The company has consistently adhered to "quality first, reputation first, service first" development philosophy and purpose, and many high-tech companies in the pearl river delta has established good relations of cooperation, in the pearl river delta around opened up a broad solid sales market, to provide customers with fast and reliable long-distance delivery, delivery to provide clients with zero risk, safeguard client rights and interests, won the customer a wide range of trust and support.
  Company product variety, the main products are: membrane switch, touch switch, pull switch, headphone socket, DC socket, connectors, USB series, such as electronic components, and some famous companies in the same industry with South Korea for technical exchanges and cooperation, developed a series of difficult, high quality products. Widely used in computers, home appliances, communications equipment and precision electronic instruments and equipment, etc.
  Company supply adequate, the price is reasonable, in order to "provide customers with the most satisfactory products" as own duty, in line with "the good faith management, high quality, heavy commitment, fine service, seek development" business philosophy, to provide customers with high quality and low price of the ideal product.

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公司地址:广东省深圳市宝安40区石鸿花园D座30H dream@so-han.com