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Patch of light touch switch circuit operation
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Patch light touch switch can be used in small power of manipulating light and fan and household appliances. The electronic switch after the mains power disconnected, calls not to connect again (need to press the control button talents through), can prevent the electric consumption for electric power for a long time or cause an accident. After each waterproof touch switch power and telephone, IC output yukio okamoto, a high level, Yl end to the low level, V not conduction, K release, the electronic switch is disconnected. Just press S to V conduction, K absorption, the electronic switch talents through.
Components selection, Rl choose 1 or 2 w metal film resistor; R2 and R5 choose 1/4 w carbon film resistor or metal film resistor. Cl selection pressure value is 400 v or polyester capacitor CBB capacitor; C2 selection pressure value is 25 v aluminum electrolytic capacitor; C3 selection pressure value of 16 v aluminum electrolytic capacitor. Press again, repeat the above action, bistable circuit condition turn again, UD and multiple output high level Q1 closing, OUT to suspend the output. As in the C2 is not charged to UB threshold, will roll out SW - PB, UA output to a low level, C2 through D1 agile to UA discharge, because C2 is not charged to UB threshold through D1 discharge, when the output of the UB condition is still high level unchanged, bistable circuit without the trigger signal, the time waterproof touch switch was invalid.


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